The Versatile LucidSound LS10N Headset Now Available for the Nintendo Switch

We launched the LS10X and LS10P in holiday 2019 to provide Xbox, PS4, and mobile gamers a high quality, great sounding, comfortable headset that doesn’t break the bank. This summer we’re bringing the LS10 to the Nintendo Switch with the LS10N.

The LS10N was specifically developed for mobility, making it a perfect travel companion for the Nintendo Switch. Its lightweight and comfortable design with swiveling earcups, integrated microphone plus removable boom mic, and super soft ear cushions make it a must-have for gaming on the go.  

LucidSound Intuitive Volume and Mute Controls

So fire up Animal Crossing, plug in your LS10N, and be treated to amazing-sounding audio with easy to access controls.  Volume is controlled by the large wheel on the left earcup. If you are playing a game that supports the LS10N’s microphone, you can simply press the big mute button on the left side to mute the mic.  As a bonus, when you are using the boom mic the LED tip of the boom mic will light up to confirm that the mic is muted.

LS10N Mic Mute LED

The LS10N uses a standard 3.5mm connector so it easily plugs into your Switch or Switch Lite.  It can also plug into almost any other mobile device so you can use it with your phone to take calls and listen to music, watch movies and play games on your iPad, or even plug it into your laptop for that Zoom call when WFH.

We spent weeks dialing in the audio for the LS10N and feel that it’s the best sounding headset in the category. The LucidSound Signature Acoustics make music and games come through with amazing clarity and detail that will make the LS10N your favorite headset no matter what you’re listening to.  

The speaker tags on the LS10N are removable and can be replaced to create your own personalized headset.  We’re working to add more speaker tag options on our website soon, so keep checking back for new options and designs.

The LS10N is coming to and select retailers this summer!  If you're in the military, you can already find it here. If you’re looking for a headset that offers comfort, versatility, and great sound for an affordable price tag, the LS10N can’t be beat.